summer bouldering 5s
summer bouldering 5s

2015 Summer Bouldering Series

Intro and Entrance

The Inner Wall's Summer Bouldering Series is an eight week competition open to climbers of all levels. When summer rolls around, you'll find most New Paltz climbers outdoors in the Gunks... until it gets too hot or rains. The Inner Wall has air conditioning and a solid roof.

The entrance fee for the IWSBS is $80.00. Included in this fee is a two month membership, lasting the duration of the competition. Climbers are welcome to climb as much as they like during the hours the Inner Wall is open, and work competition problems as long as there is an Inner Wall employee available to witness scoring.


At the beginning of the weeks listed below there will be eight new problems set at a range of difficulties. They will be set in all parts of the gym and be of many different styles.

June 15

June 22

June 29

July 6

July 13

July 20

July 27

August 3

Climbers will have the entire week to complete boulder problems for full value. Problems set on August 3 will be climbable through the end of the day on August 9.


Each problem will be assigned a point value based on relative difficulty, throughout the entire range. For reference, V1 will be roughly 200 points and V8 will be roughly 400 points. During the week the problem is set, climbers get full value for completing that problem. The following week, that problem's value drops by 50%. In the third week of a problem's existence, and for the remainder of the competition, the problem is worth 25% of its original value. (All the problems that are set will be up for the entire duration of the competition.) Climbers complete a problem by starting on the prescribed holds and controlling the finishing hold. Climbers can only score points for a problem once.


The climber who scores the most points during each individual week will win a one month membership to the Inner Wall. Each climber is only eligible for one of these prizes.

The overall competition will be scored on a curve. All entrant's totals will be compiled, and the list divided into thirds. The male and female climbers at the top of each third will win that "category." Prizes are being provided by Rock and Snow, Petzl, and Black Diamond.

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